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Rishi Banshiwal

Director Partnerships

🌟 Visionary Leader | Strategic Communication Expert | Advocate for Global Impact 🚀

With over a decade of leadership experience collaborating with renowned international organizations, government and non-governmental organizations, including the UN, I've refined my skills in strategic communication, partnerships, and marketing to drive transformative change.

Currently spearheading efforts to promote Health Volunteering, I'm dedicated to creating a healthier world through innovative initiatives and impactful campaigns.

My journey in the social impact sphere spans diverse areas such as Tuberculosis, Youth Development, Gender Equality, and Climate Change, with notable contributions recognized by esteemed awards including the Youth Champion Award from iVolunteer, India, and the prestigious Peace Messenger Award from the International Peace Youth Group, South Korea.

I thrive on connecting with creative minds and solution-oriented individuals committed to addressing global challenges. Let's collaborate and catalyze positive change together. Reach out to me at

#Leadership #StrategicCommunication #SocialImpact #GlobalAdvocacy #HealthPromotion #YouthEmpowerment #ClimateAction #Partnerships

Rishi Banshiwal
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